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The Agricultural Sector Education and Training Authority (AgriSETA) will be a true and legitimate partner to the stakeholders that represent the agricultural sector. AgriSETA will be a recognised and much appreciated vehicle to speed up training and development in order to establish sustainable, prosperous enterprises, also within rural communities, and a competent workforce.

Through trust and honest efforts, AgriSETA will gain credibility which will enhance communication and create understanding among all stakeholders. AgriSETA will stand tall as a successful authority that has improved productivity and the viability of enterprises, and has conquered the menace of illiteracy and the scourge of unemployment.

Our success will benefit everyone. Workers will be proud of their widely recognised abilities and will enjoy a well-deserved, higher standard of living. Employees and employers countrywide, keen to participate in training, will inundate our offices with requests for learnerships and skills programmes.

AgriSETA will be particularly recognised for its efforts to develop its learners as whole beings. Personal horizons will be recreated and an array of unique, market-related skills across the total value chain will be stimulated to help establish prosperous and stable farming enterprises. These critical skills will be jealously nurtured and protected by a highly specialised industry.

AgriSETA will serve as a model of excellence and perform like a smooth running engine – quietly yet powerful – setting new standards, acclaimed both locally and internationally. Loyalty to one another will be our trademark. The tenacity to secure funds for achieving our objectives will be our obsession, and quality will be our passion. AgriSETA will challenge the peril and inherent risk of agriculture in Africa with versatility and vigour, to meet the changing demands of the business world.

AgriSETA creates and promotes opportunities for social, economic and employment growth for agri enterprises, in conjunction with other stakeholders in agriculture, through relevant, quality and accessible education, training and development in both primary and secondary agriculture.
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