Grants and Quality Assurance Committee
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Dr Gerhard Neethling Red Meat Industry Forum
Daniel Schutte Solidarity
Linda Gqokoma Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU)
Gafieldien Benjamin Agriculture, Food, Fishing, and Retain Industry Workers Union (AFRIWU)
Anna Tholoane Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU)
Anton Rabe Fruit SA
Neil Hamman AgriSA
Lebogang Botsheleng Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)

ETQA – Education Training and Quality Assurance
Roles and responsibility of Education Training and Quality Assurance

AgriSETA is bound by various legislation, of which the Skills Development Act and the SAQA Act are the most prominent. The legislation outlines the role and responsibility of AgriSETA Quality Assurance.

The functions of ETQA are prescribed in the Regulations No 19231 of 8 September 1998.

These functions are to:

  • Accredit Constituent Providers
  • Promote quality amongst Constituent Providers
  • Monitor the training provision of Constituent Providers
  • Evaluate assessment and facilitation of Moderation
  • Register Constituent Assessors
  • Certificate Learners
  • Co-operate with the relevant bodies across sectors
  • Recommend the new standards and qualifications to the relevant National Standards Body (NSB)
  • Maintain a database
  • Report to SAQA
The main objective of the accreditation process is to promote the provision of quality education and training by competent Providers to all Learners in the Agricultural sector.

The accreditation process will ensure that PROVIDERS maintain and improve the quality of learning provisions and learning achievements of learners. Through the registration of ASSESSORS, the ETQA will also ensure that training provision and learners achievements are of a consistent high quality and standard across the sector.

In order to achieve this objective, AgriSETA have set specific conditions for accreditation applicable to:
  • Institutions and Workplaces
  • Assessment Centres
  • Learning programmes and course (this includes the development, delivery and evaluation)
  • Education, Training and Development Practioners (this includes Trainers, Instructors, Workplace Mentors, Coaches)
  • Assessors, Moderators and Verifiers


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