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Barend Botha
Corneliusdu Plessis
Dirkdu Plooy
Hendrikvan Niekerk
Jacovan Graan
Jande Wet
Susannavan Zweel
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MarthinusDe Beer

Fully Accredited for the following Qualification(s)

1 14851National Certificate: Agri Trade Processes125
2 48648National Certificate: Grain Milling120
3 14854National Certificate: Agric Sales and Services161

Unit Standard(s) Approved

 CodeDescriptionCreditsNQF Level
1 12620Apply basic safety principles in the context of conservation3Level 01
2 14792Maintain basic safety, health and environmental issues10Level 01
3 8139Storage of Stock6Level 01
4 8147Introduction to Agri Trade4Level 01
5 8182Care for handtools, untensils and protective equipment2Level 01
6 8186Routine maintenance of technical and site equipment5Level 01
7 8190Introduction to grain handling industry4Level 01
8 8275Handling Cash12Level 02
9 8982Demonstrate understanding of rational and irrational numbers and number systems within the context of relevant calculations 3Level 02
10 9007Work with a range of patterns and functions and solve problems5Level 02
11 9008Identify, describe, compare, classify, explore shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional shapes in different contexts3Level 02
12 9009Apply basic knowledge of statistics and probability to influence the use of data and procedures in order to investigate life related problems3Level 02
13 8962Maintain and adapt oral communication5Level 02
14 8963Access and use information from texts5Level 02
15 8964Write for a defined context5Level 02
16 8965Respond to literary texts 5Level 02
17 8966Respond to selected literary texts5Level 02
18 8967Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes5Level 02
19 8187Care for electronic equipment andf measuring instruments4Level 02
20 8166Cleaning of grain6Level 02
21 8177Apply grain storage hygiene4Level 02
22 8142Merchandise Store4Level 02
23 8144Complete sales transactions6Level 02
24 8140Determine stock levels5Level 02
25 8136Place Merchandise Order4Level 02
26 8137Receive Merchandise4Level 02
27 8138Pricing of Merchandise3Level 02
28 7469Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal and community life2Level 02
29 7467Collect and use data to establish basic statistical and probability models and solve related problems 5Level 02
30 14085Apply basic knowledge of statistics in order to investigate life and work related problems 3Level 02
31 12444Measure, estimate and calculate physical quantities and explore, describe and represent geometrical relationships in 2-dimensions in different life or workplace contexts3Level 02
32 14560Handle, transport, store and utilize hazardous materials on a construction site5Level 02
33 7479Describe, represent and informally analyse shape and motion in 2- and 3-dimensional space 4Level 02
34 7480Demonstrate understanding of rational and irrational numbers and number systems3Level 02
35 13222Deal with safety, health and environmental emergencies in the workplace4Level 02
36 114337Prepare wheat for milling8Level 02
37 114347Condition grain4Level 02
38 114360Blend grain4Level 02
39 114369Processing impurities in grain4Level 02
40 114382Degerm maize6Level 02
41 114384Gradual reduction of grain and endosperm6Level 02
42 114385Sieving and grading grain mill stocks8Level 02
43 114386Classify / purify grain endosperm6Level 02
44 114387Convey grain milling stocks6Level 02
45 13223Apply safety, health and environmental protection procedures6Level 03
46 12659Work with and look after materials in the production process12Level 03
47 10150Provide assistance in implementing and assuring project work is conducted in accordance with the project quality plan 6Level 03
48 10534Repair of refurbish equipment 35Level 03
49 11235Maintain effective working relationships with other members of staff1Level 03
50 14086Work with a wide range of patterns and basic functions and solve related problems 5Level 03
51 8000Applying basic business principles9Level 03
52 8038Operating lift trucks6Level 03
53 8969Interpret and use information from texts5Level 03
54 8970Write texts for a range of communicative contexts5Level 03
55 9532Demonstrate basic knowledge of computers6Level 03
56 8974Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts5Level 04
57 8975Read analyse and respond to a variety of texts5Level 04
58 8976Write for a wide rage of contexts5Level 04
59 8977Evaluate literary texts5Level 04
60 8978Motivate judgements on selected literary texts 5Level 04
61 8979Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes5Level 04
62 9015Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems6Level 04
63 9016Represent analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2- and 3-dimensional space in different contexts4Level 04
64 8284Selling goods and services16Level 04
65 8286Co-ordinating promotional activities16Level 04
66 8254Providing customer service16Level 04
67 7470Work with a wide rage of patterns and inverses of functions and solve related problems6Level 04
68 8141Control of stock8Level 04
69 8145Marketing of Merchandise 10Level 04
70 8146Purchase merchandise12Level 04
71 8143Implement and run promotions7Level 04
72 7468Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues.6Level 04
73 7465Collect and use data to establish complex statistical and probability models and solve related problems5Level 04
74 7466Represent and operate on complex numbers in non-trival situations2Level 04
75 7481Find the derivatives and integrals of a range of functions including the trigonometric functions and apply these to problems4Level 04
76 7482Find the derivatives and antiderivatives of a range of sample functions and apply these to problems involving curve sketching, areas under curves, amxima and minima and rates of change3Level 04
77 7483Solve problems involving sequences and series in real and simulated situations2Level 04
78 7484Describe, represent, analyse and explain changes in shape and motion in 2- and 3-dimensional space with justification4Level 04
79 7485Demonstrate understanding of real and complex number systems3Level 04
80 7630Interpreting financial reports in Retail/Wholesale practices10Level 04
81 10135Work as a project team member 8Level 04
82 10136Plan, organise and support meeting and workshops4Level 04
83 13195Lead workgroup activities relating to material preparation processes8Level 04
84 12153Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment5Level 04
85 12154Apply comprehension skills to engage oral text in a business environmen t5Level 04
86 12155Apply comprehension skills to engage written texts in a busines environment5Level 04


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