Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre
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Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre
63 Bergsig street
Op die Berg
Koue Bokkeveld
Breede River
Po Box 56
Koue Bokkeveld
Koue Bokkeveld

Breede River
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Approved AssessorsApproved Moderators

First nameSurname
Albertusvan Biljon
Joyvan Biljon
First nameSurname
Albertusvan Biljon
Joyvan Biljon

Fully Accredited for the following Qualification(s)

1 20287National Certificate: Farming120
2 48972National Certificate: Plant Production120
3 48975National Certificate: Plant Production120
4 49052National Certificate: Plant Production120
5 49009National Certificate: Plant Production142
6 20290National Certificate: Farming131
7 49010National Diploma: Plant Production240

Unit Standard(s) Approved

 CodeDescriptionCreditsNQF Level
1 116165Define production and understand the basic activities of production / conversion in the agri-business environment2Level 01
2 116199Demonstrate a basic understanding of the structure and function of a plant in relation to its environment4Level 01
3 116201Harvest agricultural crops5Level 01
4 116202Operate and maintain irrigation systems2Level 01
5 116203Manipulate plants5Level 01
6 116204Recognise pests, diseases and weeds on crops5Level 01
7 119368Describe, interpret and represent mathematical patterns, functions and algebra in different contexts6Level 01
8 12514Maintain personal hygiene, health and presentaion4Level 01
9 14345Demonstrate an understanding of propagation of deciduous fruit trees on a commercial scale 2Level 01
10 14661Demonstrate knowledge of self in order to understand one`s identity and role within the immediate community and South African society 3Level 01
11 14568Use a tractor to tow various construction implements and attachments 7Level 02
12 115190Demonstrate an understanding of the basic requirements of the basic requirements of different fruit markets5Level 02
13 12483Perform basic first aid4Level 02
14 8493Maintain occupational health and safety2Level 02
15 9599Lift and move material and equipment by means of a forklift 3Level 02
16 9533Use communication skills to handle and resolve conflict in the workplace3Level 03
17 14063Apply Self Management through the Concepts of Positive Self-esteem and Resiliency2Level 03
18 13944Describe the relationship of junior management to the general management function 5Level 04
19 14667Describe and apply the management functions of an organization10Level 04
20 8974Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts5Level 04


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