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Fully Accredited for the following Qualification(s)

1 48970National Certificate: Animal Production120
2 48972National Certificate: Plant Production120
3 49668General Education and Training Certificate: Horticulture131
4 48975National Certificate: Plant Production120

Unit Standard(s) Approved

 CodeDescriptionCreditsNQF Level
1 116148Perform basic routine operations in a defined hydroponic context5Level 01
2 116149Understand organic market requirements3Level 01
3 116150Identify and explain permaculture principles8Level 01
4 116153Apply basic pig husbandry practices5Level 01
5 116156Collect agricultural data2Level 01
6 116157Demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts of sustainable farming systems4Level 01
7 116158Apply basic agricultural enterprise selection principles2Level 01
8 116159Identify the need for capital and understand the need for the recording of the income and different costs in an agri-business2Level 01
9 116160Apply basic human resource management principles and practices applicable in an agricultural environment2Level 01
10 116161Sort and handle animal fibre5Level 01
11 116163Handle inputs and stock in agri-business2Level 01
12 116164Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of marketing2Level 01
13 116165Define production and understand the basic activities of production / conversion in the agri-business environment2Level 01
14 116166Apply basic food safety practices1Level 01
15 116167Select, use and care for hand tools and basic equipment and infrastructure4Level 01
16 116168Maintain basic water quality1Level 01
17 116169Understand how sustainable farming systems conserve natural resources4Level 01
18 116172Apply elementary farm layout and infrastructure2Level 01
19 116173Evaluate basic external animal anatomy and morphology5Level 01
20 116174Recognise basic breeding behaviour of farm animals6Level 01
21 116190Recognise defensive behavior in animals4Level 01
22 116191Apply standard animal feeding procedures6Level 01
23 116197Observe and handle animals5Level 01
24 116198Harvest animal products5Level 01
25 116199Demonstrate a basic understanding of the structure and function of a plant in relation to its environment4Level 01
26 116200Plant the crop under supervision4Level 01
27 116201Harvest agricultural crops5Level 01
28 116202Operate and maintain irrigation systems2Level 01
29 116203Manipulate plants5Level 01
30 116204Recognise pests, diseases and weeds on crops5Level 01
31 116205Propagate plants4Level 01
32 116206Fertilise soil and attend to basic plant nutrition5Level 01
33 116207Apply basic dairy production practices6Level 01
34 116208Understand the basic practices of beekeeping and the benefit thereof for agriculture1Level 01
35 116209Demonstrate an understanding of agri/ecotourism as a system at micro level5Level 01
36 119694Control weeds manually in plant propogation and landscaping4Level 01
37 119695Apply fertilizers to ornamental plants and landscapes3Level 01
38 119696Identify and prepare soils for landscaped planting4Level 01
39 119697Mow lawns in landscaped areas 3Level 01
40 119698Utilise growth media for ornamental plant containers 3Level 01
41 119686Care for ornamental seedlings4Level 01
42 119687Demonstrate a basic understanding of the horticultural industry 2Level 01
43 119706Plant and establish ornamental plants from containers into open ground5Level 01
44 119707Apply health and safety principles in horticulture3Level 01
45 119708Identify and report common pests and diseases in plant propogation and landscapes4Level 01
46 12462Engage in a range of speaking and listening interactions for a variety of purposes6Level 01
47 12469Read and respond to a range of text types6Level 01
48 12470Write for a variety of different purposes6Level 01
49 12471Explore and use a variety of strategies to learn (revised)5Level 01
50 13355Demonstrate an understanding of the physical and biological environment and its relationship to sustainable crop production4Level 01
51 13356Assess the influence of the environment on sustainable livestock production4Level 01
52 14084Demonstrate an understanding of and use the numbering system1Level 01
53 7447Working with numbers in various contexts6Level 01
54 7449Critically analyse how mathematics is used in social, political and economic relations2Level 01
55 7451Collect, analyse, use and communicate numerical data2Level 01
56 7461Use maps to access and communicate information concerning routes, location and direction1Level 01
57 7463Describe and represent objects and the environment in terms of shape, space, time and motion2Level 01
58 7464Analyse cultural products and processes as representations of shape, space and time2Level 01
59 119710Prune and shape ornamental shrubs4Level 01
60 119711Demonstrate an understand of the basic structure of ornamental plants 4Level 01
61 119714Demonstrate an understanding of the role and requirements of water in plants 3Level 01
62 12203Demonstrate knowledge of issues relating to HIV and AIDS2Level 01
63 119703Mulch and enrich the soil of established landscaped areas5Level 01
64 119704Propagate ornamental plants from seed5Level 01
65 119705Handle floristry plant material 5Level 02
66 12444Measure, estimate and calculate physical quantities and explore, describe and represent geometrical relationships in 2-dimensions in different life or workplace contexts3Level 02
67 7469Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal and community life2Level 02
68 7480Demonstrate understanding of rational and irrational numbers and number systems3Level 02
69 8962Maintain and adapt oral communication5Level 02
70 8963Access and use information from texts5Level 02
71 8964Write for a defined context5Level 02
72 8967Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes5Level 02
73 9007Work with a range of patterns and functions and solve problems5Level 02
74 9009Apply basic knowledge of statistics and probability to influence the use of data and procedures in order to investigate life related problems3Level 02
75 119709Maintain and conserve the flora in nature areas5Level 02
76 119688Maintain optimal environmental conditions for floristry arrangements 5Level 02
77 119690Establish an area of turf with grass sods 6Level 02
78 119691Backfill compact and replant grass sods and plants in irrigation trenches 5Level 02
79 119692Apply basic tree climbing principles6Level 02
80 119693Treat floristry plant material 7Level 02
81 119699Excavate irrigation trenches in established landscapes5Level 02
82 119700Install irrigation piping in trenches 10Level 02
83 119701Create an awareness of enviromental protection4Level 02
84 116053Understand basic soil fertility and plant nutrition5Level 02
85 116057Understand the structure and functions of a plant5Level 02
86 116060Utilise and perform minor repair and maintenance tasks on implements, equipment and infrastructure5Level 02
87 116064Recognise and identify the basic functions of the ecological environment4Level 02
88 116065Store and control agrochemical products effectively and responsibly4Level 02
89 116066Operate and maintain specific irrigation systems3Level 02
90 116069Participate in agri/ecotourism practices at both micro and meso levels to tourists4Level 02
91 116070Operate and support a food safety and quality management system in the agricultural supply chain2Level 02
92 116072Perform routine operations and identify basic problems in hydroponic systems3Level 02
93 116076Introduce organic certification and internal control systems2Level 02
94 116077Monitor water quality3Level 02
95 116079Monitor the establishment of a crop4Level 02
96 116080Monitor, collect and collate agricultural data2Level 02
97 116081Identify and recognise factors influencing agricultural enterprise selection2Level 02
98 116083Illustrate and understand the basic layout of financial statements2Level 02
99 116109Interpret and illustrate permaculture principles5Level 02
100 116111Harvest agricultural crops: Procedures4Level 02
101 116113Explain principles of human resources management and practices in agriculture2Level 02
102 116114Harvest natural flora4Level 02
103 116115Define and understand production systems and production management2Level 02
104 116119Demonstrate an understanding of plant propagation3Level 02
105 116121Apply sustainable farming practices to conserve the ecological environment5Level 02
106 116122Control inputs and stock in agribusiness2Level 02
107 116125Apply crop protection and animal health products effectively and responsibly4Level 02
108 116126Apply marketing principles in agriculture2Level 02
109 116127Apply layout principles for conservation and infrastructure5Level 02
110 116128Apply plant manipulation methods4Level 02
111 116638Mix and deliver feedlot feed to bunker4Level 02
112 116643Administer livestock processing treatments8Level 02


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