Bokatoka Construction and Projects
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Bokatoka Construction and Projects
33155 Sompisi Street
Extension 17
Tshwane Metro

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Fully Accredited for the following Qualification(s)

1 48972National Certificate: Plant Production120
2 48975National Certificate: Plant Production120
3 49052National Certificate: Plant Production120
4 66649National Certificate: Landscaping120

Unit Standard(s) Approved

 CodeDescriptionCreditsNQF Level
1 10007Identify, analyse and select business opportunities3Level 01
2 10009Demonstrate the ability to start and run a business and adapt to a changing business environment3Level 01
3 116159Identify the need for capital and understand the need for the recording of the income and different costs in an agri-business2Level 01
4 116164Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of marketing2Level 01
5 116165Define production and understand the basic activities of production / conversion in the agri-business environment2Level 01
6 13995Demonstrate an understanding of contracts and their sources2Level 01
7 14001Demonstrate an understanding of managerial expertise and administrative capabilities4Level 01


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Fax: + 27 (0) 12 325 1677/325 1624

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