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We wish to inform you that the process of applying for grants, internships and bursaries, may be done directly on AgriSETA’s website or through an accredited AgriSETA service provider.

We remind all applicants to check the authenticity and conditions of facilitator companies who are not accredited with AgriSETA and for which we cannot be held liable.

The application window period will in future open on 1 August and close on 15 September of each year, for the following learning programmes: Bursaries, Internships, Artisan Development and Graduate Placement. Application invitations for Adult Education,Skills Programmes, Land Reform and Mentoring, Learnerships, applications are open from 1 October – 15 November of each year. The list of Sector Skills Priority Programmes as per the National Skills Development Plan (NSDP).


A programme for learners that require tuition (full-time or part-time) at a College, University of Technology or University for a certain period of time in order to achieve a formal qualification e.g. a Certificate, Diploma or Degree.


Internship is an on-the-job training for students who need up to a maximum of 12 months structured programme for practical exposure to complete their Higher Education and Training (HET) or Further Education and Training (FET) studies. The programme is for students who require practical experience in order to complete a qualification. The duration of the programme is usually twelve (12) months.

Graduate Placement / Internships

For those who completed their studies in scarce and critical skills areas, but still cannot find employment because they have no experience (normally for one year).

Adult Education and Training (AET)

Is an extensive programme to assist the employees in the agricultural environment to improve their levels of literacy and numeracy, to enter further learning programmes such as learnerships.

Skills Programmes

Are occupational based learning programmes, which focus on the actual skills required on the job. Skills Programmes may be presented as stand-alone modules, or can be packaged in such a way that they may ultimately lead, over time, to a full qualification.

Commodity Organisations

A programme aimed at supporting Commodity Organisations in the agricultural sector. Commodity Organisations are identified and recognised by AgriSETA as and when approached by such Organisations. Support to Commodity organisation may include but not limited to AgriSETA learning programmes.

Commodity organizations are a group of farmers who have grouped themselves into organizations committed to developing the agricultural commodities in all agricultural related commodities and offering assistance to other members of the organization. More so, they advance commodity marketability, research, quality monitoring and in some cases help with the training of emerging farmers.

All commodity organizations applications for funding must be submitted through a uniform proposal log-frame that has been developed. However, all requests for funding of Credit bearing programmes must be directed through the relevant application window.

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