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US idUS TitleCreditsLearning TypeNQF Level
119463Access and use information from texts5Level 02
119472Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication5CoreLevel 03
12591Administer husbandry practices to farm animals20ElectiveLevel 01
116643Administer livestock processing treatments8ElectiveLevel 02
116428Analyse and interpret the financial statements and physical records in an agri-business to generate managerial information11CoreLevel 05
7464Analyse cultural products and processes as representations of shape, space and time2FundamentalLevel 01
116216Apply advanced breeding practices for farm animals4CoreLevel 03
116299Apply advanced pig husbandry practices5ElectiveLevel 04
116430Apply and plan animal nutrition12CoreLevel 05
116158Apply basic agricultural enterprise selection principles2CoreLevel 01
116215Apply basic artificial insemination practices5ElectiveLevel 03
12631Apply basic entrepreneurial principles to farming7ElectiveLevel 03
116166Apply basic food safety practices1CoreLevel 01
116160Apply basic human resource management principles and practices applicable in an agricultural environment2CoreLevel 01
9009Apply basic knowledge of statistics and probability to influence the use of data and procedures in order to investigate life related problems3CoreLevel 02
116153Apply basic pig husbandry practices5ElectiveLevel 01
12620Apply basic safety principles in the context of conservation3ElectiveLevel 01
14590Apply community development techniques12CoreLevel 05
12154Apply comprehension skills to engage oral text in a business environmen t5FundamentalLevel 04
12155Apply comprehension skills to engage written texts in a busines environment5FundamentalLevel 04
116125Apply crop protection and animal health products effectively and responsibly4CoreLevel 02
116301Apply effective and responsible integrated pest, disease and weed control3CoreLevel 04
120403Apply good manufacturing practices as part of a food safety system4ElectiveLevel 02
8177Apply grain storage hygiene4CoreLevel 02
119707Apply health and safety principles in horticulture3CoreLevel 01
119382Apply health management practices for poultry12CoreLevel 02
114600Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business4CoreLevel 04
116429Apply integrated pest management principles10CoreLevel 05
9015Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems6FundamentalLevel 04
116127Apply layout principles for conservation and infrastructure5CoreLevel 02
116126Apply marketing principles in agriculture2CoreLevel 02
264185Apply pest control practoces in ornamental plant production and landscaping6CoreLevel 02
123135Apply pesticides before or after planting1Level 01
116276Apply pig husbandry practices5ElectiveLevel 03
116128Apply plant manipulation methods4CoreLevel 02
116275Apply routine maintenance and servicing plans and procedures3CoreLevel 03
115186Apply safety and health procedures6CoreLevel 02
13223Apply safety, health and environmental protection procedures6CoreLevel 03
14063Apply Self Management through the Concepts of Positive Self-esteem and Resiliency2CoreLevel 03
264314Apply spring treatment to bowling greens8CoreLevel 03
264235Apply supervisory management principles in an enterprise10CoreLevel 03
116121Apply sustainable farming practices to conserve the ecological environment5CoreLevel 02
252170Apply the principles of customer care in client interactions5Level 04
119702Apply water to landscaped areas3Level 01
8000Applying basic business principles9CoreLevel 03
13356Assess the influence of the environment on sustainable livestock production4FundamentalLevel 01
116274Assist in farm planning and layout for conservation and rainwater harvesting3CoreLevel 03
116302Assume co-responsibility and participation in human resource management3CoreLevel 04
114360Blend grain4CoreLevel 02
119448Brood poultry chicks10ElectiveLevel 02
8187Care for electronic equipment andf measuring instruments4CoreLevel 02
8182Care for handtools, untensils and protective equipment2CoreLevel 01
119686Care for ornamental seedlings4CoreLevel 01
119385Care for poultry parent stock during production15ElectiveLevel 02
119394Clean and disinfect on poultry holdings5CoreLevel 02
8184Collect a representative groundnut sample2CoreLevel 01
116156Collect agricultural data2FundamentalLevel 01
8156Collect representative grain sample4CoreLevel 01
7451Collect, analyse, use and communicate numerical data2FundamentalLevel 01
12621Collect, use and communicate data that relate to farming2CoreLevel 02
8168Combat contamination in grain11CoreLevel 04
116258Communicate agri/ecotourism principles and concepts effectively and adapt to needs5ElectiveLevel 03
9303Communicate verbally with clients in a financial environment3FundamentalLevel 03
8144Complete sales transactions6CoreLevel 02
8555Contribute to information distribution regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace4CoreLevel 04
117082Contribute to the suppression of wildfires at basic fire-fighting level2Level 01
116649Control feedlot production unit32ElectiveLevel 04
116122Control inputs and stock in agribusiness2CoreLevel 02
8141Control of stock8CoreLevel 04
116124Control pests, diseases and weeds on all crops effectively and responsibly2CoreLevel 02
119694Control weeds manually in plant propogation and landscaping4CoreLevel 01
7449Critically analyse how mathematics is used in social, political and economic relations2FundamentalLevel 01
116115Define and understand production systems and production management2CoreLevel 02
116165Define production and understand the basic activities of production / conversion in the agri-business environment2CoreLevel 01
12618Demonstrate a basic understanding of agricultural production systems5CoreLevel 02
119687Demonstrate a basic understanding of the horticultural industry2CoreLevel 01
12615Demonstrate a basic understanding of the primary agricultural industry2CoreLevel 02
116199Demonstrate a basic understanding of the structure and function of a plant in relation to its environment4CoreLevel 01
116209Demonstrate an understanding of agri/ecotourism as a system at micro level5ElectiveLevel 01
13995Demonstrate an understanding of contracts and their sources2CoreLevel 01
123376Demonstrate an understanding of good manufacturing practices in food processing10ElectiveLevel 04
8494Demonstrate an understanding of HIV/AIDS and its implications4CoreLevel 02
14001Demonstrate an understanding of managerial expertise and administrative capabilities4ElectiveLevel 01
116119Demonstrate an understanding of plant propagation3CoreLevel 02
116157Demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts of sustainable farming systems4FundamentalLevel 01
116647Demonstrate an understanding of the feedlot environment10ElectiveLevel 03
116164Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of marketing2CoreLevel 01
13355Demonstrate an understanding of the physical and biological environment and its relationship to sustainable crop production4CoreLevel 01
13998Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of supply and demand, and the concept: production2CoreLevel 01
119714Demonstrate an understanding of the role and requirements of water in plants3CoreLevel 01
9010Demonstrate an understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units and an awareness of error in the context of relevant calculations2FundamentalLevel 03
9532Demonstrate basic knowledge of computers6CoreLevel 03
119442Demonstrate basic understanding of the poultry production industry2CoreLevel 02
12203Demonstrate knowledge of issues relating to HIV and AIDS2CoreLevel 01
10009Demonstrate the ability to start and run a business and adapt to a changing business environment3ElectiveLevel 01
7480Demonstrate understanding of rational and irrational numbers and number systems3CoreLevel 02
8180Deplete grain bin2CoreLevel 01
14667Describe and apply the management functions of an organization10ElectiveLevel 04
119373Describe and represent objects in terms of shape, space and measurement5FundamentalLevel 01
116431Describe biological processes in plant physiology9CoreLevel 05
9013Describe, apply, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2- and 3-dimensional space in different contexts4FundamentalLevel 03
119368Describe, interpret and represent mathematical patterns, functions and algebra in different contexts6FundamentalLevel 01
116425Design a natural resource management plan8CoreLevel 05
116637Determine livestock mass2ElectiveLevel 03
8158Determine produce grade: Maize6CoreLevel 03
8160Determine produce grade: Sorghum6CoreLevel 03
8159Determine produce grade: Sunflower seed6CoreLevel 03
8157Determine produce grade: Wheat10CoreLevel 03
8140Determine stock levels5CoreLevel 02
116297Develop a harvesting plan for the specific agricultural crop3CoreLevel 04
116426Develop a production and strategic plan for the agricultural business11CoreLevel 05
116427Develop a propagation plan for any agricultural production system9CoreLevel 05
10070Develop and implement marketing plan in line with marketing strategy20ElectiveLevel 05
116298Develop bee sites2ElectiveLevel 04
116414Develop suitable irrigation systems10CoreLevel 05
114659Disease and pest control in stored seed0CoreLevel 04
116820Drive a tractor10ElectiveLevel 02
116400Effective and responsible advice, recommendation and sale of agrochemical products12ElectiveLevel 06
119635Engage in a range of speaking/signing and listening interactions for a variety of purposes6FundamentalLevel 01
119462Engage in sustained oral/signed communication and evluate spoken/signed texts5FundamentalLevel 04
116289Ensure sustainable wild flower harvesting operations5ElectiveLevel 04
12561Erect and maintain wire fencing4ElectiveLevel 01
116290Establish a plan for the monitoring, safe use and maintenance of equipment implements, technology and infrastructure3CoreLevel 04
119364Evaluate and solve data handling and probability problems within given contexts5FundamentalLevel 01
116393Evaluate animal health systems8CoreLevel 05
116117Evaluate external animal anatomy and morphology5CoreLevel 02
116288Execute sustainable resource use and quality control3CoreLevel 04
116259Explain application of marketing principles within an alternative and dynamic agricultural marketing environment3CoreLevel 03
116237Explain costing and the viability of an agri-business3CoreLevel 03
116228Explain dairy production6ElectiveLevel 03
116110Explain dairy production cleanliness5ElectiveLevel 02
116225Explain elementary animal nutrition6CoreLevel 03
116257Explain human resource policies and procedures3CoreLevel 03
116113Explain principles of human resources management and practices in agriculture2CoreLevel 02
116240Explain store inputs categories, labeling and storage methods3CoreLevel 03
116217Explain the harvesting of animal products5CoreLevel 03
116218Explain the planning and scheduling of tasks in a production environment3CoreLevel 03
116219Explain the prevention and treatment of animal diseases5CoreLevel 03
116220Explain the propagation of plants4CoreLevel 03
117871Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies10CoreLevel 05
117062Fell trees with a chainsaw using the standard technique and felling levers2Level 02
116206Fertilise soil and attend to basic plant nutrition5CoreLevel 01
116286Give an overview of the industry structure2CoreLevel 04
9914Handle and care for materials12ElectiveLevel 03
116163Handle inputs and stock in agri-business2CoreLevel 01
116201Harvest agricultural crops5CoreLevel 01
116111Harvest agricultural crops: Procedures4CoreLevel 02
116198Harvest animal products5CoreLevel 01
116221Identify and apply permaculture principles5ElectiveLevel 04
264236Identify and control common pests in the horticultural environment6CoreLevel 03
264258Identify and correct nutrient deficiencies in ornamental plants8CoreLevel 03
13994Identify and discuss different types of business and their legal implications4CoreLevel 01
116150Identify and explain permaculture principles8ElectiveLevel 01
119708Identify and report common pests and diseases in plant propogation and landscapes4CoreLevel 01
119641Identify and respond to selected literary texts5FundamentalLevel 01
116107Identify basic breeding practices for farm animals5CoreLevel 02
12537Identify personal values and ethics in the workplace4FundamentalLevel 01
113966Identify security, safety and environmental risks in the local environment6CoreLevel 01
119689Identify the major categories of ornamental plants6Level 01
116159Identify the need for capital and understand the need for the recording of the income and different costs in an agri-business2CoreLevel 01
10007Identify, analyse and select business opportunities3ElectiveLevel 01
9008Identify, describe, compare, classify, explore shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional shapes in different contexts3CoreLevel 02
13996Identify, discuss, describe and compare major economic systems, with emphasis on the South African economy2ElectiveLevel 01
116083Illustrate and understand the basic layout of financial statements2CoreLevel 02
116312Implement a data collection plan4FundamentalLevel 04
116278Implement a food safety and quality management system in the agricultural supply chain3CoreLevel 04
116303Implement a natural resource management plan3CoreLevel 04
116279Implement a permaculture site design7ElectiveLevel 04
116394Implement and manage human resource and labour relations policies and acts9CoreLevel 05
116308Implement animal health and bio-security programs3CoreLevel 04
116310Implement dairy production operations6ElectiveLevel 04
242970Implement good manufacturing practices in food processing10Level 04
116311Implement soil fertility and plant nutrition practices3CoreLevel 04
116222Incorporate basic concepts of sustainable farming systems into practical farm activities7FundamentalLevel 03
8167Inspect stored grain4CoreLevel 01
336014Install and maintain borehole and wellpoint pump systems12CoreLevel 03
336015Install and maintain irrigation pumps10CoreLevel 03
119700Install irrigation piping in trenches10CoreLevel 02
264036Install irrigation sprinklers and emitters in landscaped areas12CoreLevel 02
10050Integrate marketing plans with business process6CoreLevel 05
116385Integrate sustainable breeding and selection methods10CoreLevel 05
116109Interpret and illustrate permaculture principles5ElectiveLevel 02
119457Interpret and use information from texts5CoreLevel 03
116214Interpret factors influencing agricultural enterprises and plan accordingly3CoreLevel 03
8190Introduction to grain handling industry4CoreLevel 01
8147Introduction to Agri Trade4CoreLevel 01
116261Introduction to organic certification and internal control systems4ElectiveLevel 03
9012Investigate like and work related problems using data and probabilities5FundamentalLevel 03
12565Irrigate crops to maintain a predetermined moisture content5ElectiveLevel 01
116714Lead a team, plan, allocate and assess their work4FundamentalLevel 03
13195Lead workgroup activities relating to material preparation processes8CoreLevel 04
9058Maintain a food safety programme4Level 04
119454Maintain and adapt oral/signed communication5Level 02
12617Maintain hygiene measures3CoreLevel 02
264041Maintain landscape and sportsturf irrigation systems8ElectiveLevel 03
8493Maintain occupational health and safety2CoreLevel 02
119402Maintain water for poultry production6CoreLevel 03
116212Maintain water quality parameters2CoreLevel 03
8016Maintaining occupational health, safety and general housekeeping8Level 03
116304Manage agricultural export logistics4ElectiveLevel 04
116382Manage an input chain6CoreLevel 05
116384Manage and control resources in a sustainable manner5CoreLevel 05
119449Manage hatching eggs for setting10ElectiveLevel 03
116372Manage hive placement and bee pollination2ElectiveLevel 05
11473Manage individual and team performance20CoreLevel 05
119396Manage post-brooding broiler production activities15ElectiveLevel 03
116270Manage sites for bee keeping2ElectiveLevel 03
116267Manage soil fertility and plant nutrition5CoreLevel 03
116371Manage soil systems10CoreLevel 05
119409Manage the brooding of poultry chicks10ElectiveLevel 03
119489Manage the care of commercial layers15ElectiveLevel 03
116307Manage the quality of the harvesting of animal products3CoreLevel 04
116322Manage water quality parameters3CoreLevel 04
8145Marketing of Merchandise10CoreLevel 04
12417Measure, estimate & calculate physical quantities & explore, critique & prove geometrical relationships in 2 and 3 dimensional space in the life and workplace of adult with increasing responsibilities4FundamentalLevel 04
12444Measure, estimate and calculate physical quantities and explore, describe and represent geometrical relationships in 2-dimensions in different life or workplace contexts3CoreLevel 02
8142Merchandise Store4CoreLevel 02
116211Minimise risk in animal management3CoreLevel 03
116268Monitor and co-ordinate the harvesting of agricultural products4CoreLevel 03
116271Monitor and supervise a food safety and quality management system in the agricultural supply chain3CoreLevel 03
116263Monitor natural resource management practices4CoreLevel 03
9243Monitor occupational health and safety8Level 04
116265Monitor pests, diseases and weeds on crops2CoreLevel 03
116264Monitor plant manipulation3CoreLevel 03
116079Monitor the establishment of a crop4CoreLevel 02
116266Monitor the operation and maintenance of irrigation systems3CoreLevel 03
116077Monitor water quality3CoreLevel 02
116080Monitor, collect and collate agricultural data2FundamentalLevel 02
119703Mulch and enrich the soil of established landscaped areas5CoreLevel 01
116197Observe and handle animals5CoreLevel 01
116932Operate a personal computer system3CoreLevel 01
262804Operate a tractor6Level 02
116066Operate and maintain specific irrigation systems3CoreLevel 02
12616Operate and perform routine maintenance on equipment and tools5CoreLevel 03
116070Operate and support a food safety and quality management system in the agricultural supply chain2CoreLevel 02
264182Operate brushcutters in the horticultural environment4ElectiveLevel 02
264195Operate chainsaws for limbing and logging at ground level6ElectiveLevel 02
8420Operate in a team4CoreLevel 02
264194Operate specialised walk-behind mowers5ElectiveLevel 02
116337Optimise and integrate various farming systems and trends within related enterprises11CoreLevel 05
8618Organise oneself in the workplace3CoreLevel 02
116291Participate in the development and management of an agri business plan3CoreLevel 04
116684Participate in the development and management of an agricultural marketing plan3CoreLevel 04
116148Perform basic routine operations in a defined hydroponic context5ElectiveLevel 01
119753Perform basic welding/joining of metals8Level 02
116072Perform routine operations and identify basic problems in hydroponic systems3ElectiveLevel 02
8136Place Merchandise Order4CoreLevel 02
8663Plan and conduct a research project6FundamentalLevel 05
116320Plan and maintain environmentally sound agricultural processes8FundamentalLevel 04
15092Plan and manage personal finances5CoreLevel 01
119706Plant and establish ornamental plants from containers into open ground5CoreLevel 01
116200Plant the crop under supervision4CoreLevel 01
12512Practice environmental awareness4CoreLevel 01
116319Prepare a whole farm budget and establish a proper integrated information system for an agri-business3CoreLevel 04
8176Prepare grain dispatch containers4CoreLevel 01
8138Pricing of Merchandise3CoreLevel 02
114369Processing impurities in grain4CoreLevel 02
116321Procure and manage agricultural input3CoreLevel 04
119450Produce poultry boilers15ElectiveLevel 02
119704Propagate ornamental plants from seed5CoreLevel 01
116205Propagate plants4CoreLevel 01
116316Propagate plants in a variety of situations3CoreLevel 04
7789Provide customer service8CoreLevel 04
8254Providing customer service16CoreLevel 04
119710Prune and shape ornamental shrubs4CoreLevel 01
264176Prune and shape shrubs6CoreLevel 02
8146Purchase merchandise12CoreLevel 04
119640Read/view and respond to a range of text types6FundamentalLevel 01
119469Read/view, analyse and respond to a variety of texts5FundamentalLevel 04
8137Receive Merchandise4CoreLevel 02
116315Recognise agri/ecotourism within the strategic environment5ElectiveLevel 04
116064Recognise and identify the basic functions of the ecological environment4FundamentalLevel 02
116174Recognise basic breeding behaviour of farm animals6CoreLevel 01
116204Recognise pests, diseases and weeds on crops5CoreLevel 01
8179Repair bags and tarpaulins3CoreLevel 01
116063Respond correctly to control defensive behaviour in animals4CoreLevel 02
8186Routine maintenance of technical and site equipment5CoreLevel 01
116317Schedule the operation and maintenance of irrigation systems3CoreLevel 04
116167Select, use and care for hand tools and basic equipment and infrastructure4CoreLevel 01
8284Selling goods and services16CoreLevel 04
114385Sieving and grading grain mill stocks8CoreLevel 02
7483Solve problems involving sequences and series in real and simulated situations2FundamentalLevel 04
8139Storage of Stock6CoreLevel 01
116065Store and control agrochemical products effectively and responsibly4ElectiveLevel 02
116269Supervise the collection of agricultural data5FundamentalLevel 03
12630Support disaster and conservation management5ElectiveLevel 02
116328The effective and responsible arial application of agrochemical products14ElectiveLevel 05
12463Understand and deal with HIV/AIDS3ElectiveLevel 02
116055Understand animal nutrition7CoreLevel 02
116053Understand basic soil fertility and plant nutrition5CoreLevel 02
116169Understand how sustainable farming systems conserve natural resources4CoreLevel 01
116057Understand the structure and functions of a plant5CoreLevel 02
8163Unload grain consignments in bulk2CoreLevel 01
9530Use communication skills to handle and resolve conflict in the workplace3FundamentalLevel 03
9533Use communication skills to handle and resolve conflict in the workplace3CoreLevel 03
119471Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes5FundamentalLevel 04
7461Use maps to access and communicate information concerning routes, location and direction1FundamentalLevel 01
7469Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal and community life2CoreLevel 02
7456Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business and national issues5FundamentalLevel 03
7468Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues.6FundamentalLevel 04
116060Utilise and perform minor repair and maintenance tasks on implements, equipment and infrastructure5CoreLevel 02
119490Utilise bio-security practices in poultry production8CoreLevel 02
119437Utilise feed management in poultry production10CoreLevel 02
264058Utilise health and safety principles in horticulture3CoreLevel 02
119447Utilise health and safety principles in poultry production4CoreLevel 02
119487Utilise water management in poultry production8CoreLevel 02
9007Work with a range of patterns and functions and solve problems5CoreLevel 02
7447Working with numbers in various contexts6FundamentalLevel 01
119459Write/present/sign for a wide range of contexts5FundamentalLevel 04
119465Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts5CoreLevel 03
119636Write/Sign for a variety of different purposes6FundamentalLevel 01
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