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Mandatory Grants are paid on a quarterly basis. Depending on when during the year the application is approved, an employer will receive between one (1) to four (4) mandatory grant payments. Mandatory Grant payments are calculated as 20% of the total amount of levies received from SARS from 01 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

2023 – 2024 Payment dates:

The prospective dates for Mandatory Grant payments are:

  • September 2023
  • December 2023
  • March 2024 &
  • June 2024

Take note that these dates may change


* Scheduled Payment Month

** Last Approval Date:

*Estimated Levy Months To be paid

1st Grant Payment

September 2023

End of August 2023

Apr, May & Jun 2023

2nd Grant Payment

December 2023

End of November 2023

Jul, Aug & Sep 2023

3rd Grant Payment

March 2024

End of February 2024

Oct, Nov & Dec 2023

4th Grant Payment

June 2024

End of May 2024

Jan, Feb & Mar 2024

* Please take note that dates of payments and the levy months to be paid are only estimates.
** Please take note that the Grant Payment process takes a full month to complete thus the reason we have final approval dates before we start with the actual payment process.

IMPORTANT: Payments Notification:

AgriSETA DOES NOT send any remittances, recons  or breakdowns of payment to the Employer or SDF.

Currently the new finance system cannot be linked to Indicium since we are in the process of migrating the employer data to a new system. The functionalities of grant recons which was on the old finance system will only be active after all the data integration of both new and old systems is done. This means, we are unable to send out any grant payment letters until such time that we are fully integrated to the new system

How to calculate payments

The payments for Mandatory Grants that is paid to you on a quarterly basis, may be reconciled with the  total amount on your EMPSA or the EMP 201 from SARS. You calculate the monthly 20% from the total SDL that reflects on your EMP 201 from SARS, and count the number of months you have contributed prior to the payment to get your amount. The most accurate calculation will be for the entire financial year after all levies have been received and paid out.

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