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Qualification IdQualification TitleMinimum CreditsNQF Level
14851National Certificate: Agri Trade Processes1252
14852National Diploma: Agri Sales and Service Management223
14854National Certificate: Agric Sales and Services1614
20151National Certificate: Grain Handling Processes1242
20287National Certificate: Farming120
20288National Certificate: Farming1202
21244National Certificate: Sugar Industry Technical Maintenance1282
23154National Certificate: Grain Handling Processes1263
23513National Certificate: Fisheries Observation: Inshore1234
48395National Certificate: Sugar Technology1385
48400National Certificate: Sugar Processing L21202
48637National Certificate: Tobacco Production1203
48647Further Education and Training Certificate: Seed Production1594
48648National Certificate: Grain Milling1202
48649Further Education and Training Certificate: Meat Examination1604
48650National Certificate: Seed Research and Development Operations1203
48653Further Education and Training Certificate: Seed Processing and Packaging Control1484
48654National Certificate: Seed Analysis1203
48655National Certificate: General Abattoir Processes1202
48656National Certificate: Seed Processing and Packaging1233
>48657Further Education and Training Certificate: Seed Research and Development1354
48660National Certificate: Abattoir Slaughtering Processes1202
48727National Certificate: Sugar Manufacturing and Refining Technical Maintenance1463
48848National Certificate: Fruit Packing and Grading Processes1203
48902National Certificate: Abattoir Supervision1393
48970National Certificate: Animal Production1201
48971National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems1201
48972National Certificate: Plant Production1201
48975National Certificate: Plant Production1202
48976National Certificate: Animal Production1202
48977National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems1202
48979National Certificate: Animal Production1404
49009National Certificate: Plant Production1424
49010National Diploma: Plant Production240
49011National Diploma: Animal Production240
49048National Certificate: Animal Production1203
49052National Certificate: Plant Production1203
49074Further Education and Training Certificate: Primary Tobacco Processing1414
49578National Certificate: Poultry Production1383
49579National Certificate: Poultry Processing1333
49580General Education and Training Certificate: Poultry Production1341
49581National Certificate: Poultry Processing1322
49582National Certificate: Poultry Production1332
49626National Certificate: Landcare Facilitation1255
49668General Education and Training Certificate: Horticulture1311
50227National Certificate: Rooibos Production1212
50228National Certificate: Wool and Mohair Handling1212
< a href="">57829GETC: Grain Handling Processes1201
57830FETC: Education and Training Certificates: Pest Control Operations141
57880National Certificate: Meat Processing1204
58348National Certificate: Perishable Produce Export Technology1235
59409National Certificate: Agricultural Extension1565
59550National Certificate: Agricultural Extension1776
61595Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services NQF 4140
63249National Diploma: Agricultural Extension256
66429National Certificate: Landscape Irrigation1202
< a href="">66589National Certificate: Horticulture1202
66649National Certificate: Landscaping1203
< a href="">73109National Certificate: Landscape Irrigation1203
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