Meet our AgriSETA colleagues who are in the Internship programmes for a period of 18 months.

#Youth Month 2022

Ms Andile Nyauza

Supply Chain Management division

Andile holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Supply Chain Management from Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) and Higher Certificate in Business Management from Regent Business School.

On being an intern at AgriSETA – ‘My colleagues at AgriSETA have taken into consideration our dreams and assists to turn them into a reality. It is an environment that allows people to grow, showcase their skills and strengthen our qualities l, which are communication, interpersonal and computer skills’.

Message to the youth

‘You are unique the way you are. You are lucky more than you think, believe in yourself, study hard, work hard and everything will come to you at the right time’.

Ms Obakeng Segole

Skills Planning and Research division

Obakeng holds a Bachelor of Administration, Public Management degree majoring in Public Administration at the University of Pretoria.

On being an intern at AgriSETA ‘I am glad to be part of the organisation that strives to combat unemployment in the agricultural sector. It creates an opportunity for our people to be employable and encourage entrepreneurship.  At the end of my internship programme, I will be a skilled public servant who served at a great education and training authority’.

Message to the youth

‘The youth are the future. We need to study continuously and educate others, so we can have a better tomorrow and stay relevant to the constant changes’.

Mr Sipho Mahlalela

Skills Planning and Research division

Sipho holds a degree in Public Administration Degree from the University of Limpopo.

On being an intern at AgriSETA – ‘I am fortunate to be part of the internship programme after being unemployed for few years upon completing my studies. It’s so amazing to be part of an organisation that brings change to the community, this was always my greatest desire to be with people of common goals’.

Message to the youth

‘To every young person out there, I like to urge all of you to never give up on your education as is the weapon we can use to change our backgrounds as youth of this country’.

Ms Mokgadi Rathipa

Risk Management division

Mokgadi holds a National Higher Certificate in Accountancy, a National Diploma in Internal Auditing and Advanced Diploma in Internal Auditing at Tshwane University of Technology.

On being an intern at AgriSETA – ‘It is good to be part of a unique organisational culture, with strong leadership. I am honoured to be a part of such a good reputable SETA which has an excellent platform to create and promote opportunities for social, economic, and employment growth through relevant, quality, and accessible education, training, and development’.

Message to the youth

‘I urge you to raise your heads high and leave all fear of mind behind. You can make your every desire fulfilled with your hard work and determination. Never step back when the storm comes, instead face it with full courage. Believe in yourself always and nothing will seem impossible’.

Ms Noxolo Mtakati

Human Resources Management division

Noxolo holds a Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Baccalaureus Technologiae Degree in Human Resource Development at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

On being an intern at AgriSETA – ‘Speaking from my heart, I appreciate the opportunity being part of the internship programme, after being unemployed for the longest time.  I feel lucky to be part of the organisation and I must say I love the experience every day, learning from the Human Resources Management colleagues and I take all the challenges positively, as I am learning more’.

Message to the youth

‘Education is important, though we want to give up because of the lack of job opportunities. I say let’s have faith and keep on studying, let’s do what we adore and go for it. Let’s start and force those small businesses to prosper, enrol for the short courses that will enhance our skills to succeed, rather than to blame our government, when not all is working out’.   

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